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By neglecting web performance, the JavaScript community unintentionally paved the way for AMP.

Amp Page Maker

Benefits of Amp Web Pages for valid AMP pages:
  • SEO Preferential treatment
  • FREE Global Google Cache
  • Works for both Mobile & Desktop versions
  • Heavy weight pages are all Lazy Loaded
If you unfamiliar with the AmpProject
Please check the Links page for further details.
This site can easily Create Templates which pass the strict AMP validation requirements.
ONLY valid pages will be included in a Google Search


The idea is to gradually learn from your mistakes...

  1. Start with Create Template to create a VALID AMP Page
  2. Copy and paste the template source code to a web site or localhost with a .html extension
  3. Setup AMP Validation because **ONLY** Valid AMP pages are indexed
  4. Personalize by adding content
  5. Ensure the template validates without errors or warning
  6. Goto Step 4 - Rinse and repeat :)


Validation Methods

  1. Paste Template source into - AMP Validator

  2. Append ?development=1 to URL
    and use browser development tools

  3. For Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi

Personally the third method is preferred because:
Icons are displayed after rendering page:

  Valid - everything Hunky-Dory

  Warnings - may later be errors

  Errors - No Google search listing
Solutions in drop-down-list
Simple and uncluttered page layout


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